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    I'm interested in creating music and sound design for a multimedia projects, an art exhibitions, video-arts, art installations, etc.

Below is a list of my multimedia works:

  • Upstream (2008) - my own video-art. The audience prize on the Sound Screen Festival in Bydgoszcz (Poland)
  • FABREC (2010) - the sounds for an video-art and art performances that were created during the international workshop "FABREC" in Cluj Napoca (Romania) and Toulouse (France).
  • Red & Blue (2008) - a sound for an painting exhibition by Mirosława Rochecka, 011 Gallery in Toruń (Poland)
  • Circles of time (2012) - a sound for the diploma work (animation) by Natalia Oliwiak (UMK Toruń), shown in the Władysław Dziewulski Planetarium in Toruń (Poland).
  • Object-centric (2012) - a sound for the glass-art installation by Anna Kazior, Forum Gallery in Toruń

    "Upstream", video-art realised during workshop at the Sound Screen Festival (AM Bydgoszcz)

    Kręgi czasu Natalii Oliwiak
    It was displayed on a large dome of the planetarium.

    Object-centricby Anna Kazior.
    Speakers were placed under the floor, causing a vibration.

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